Snow has arrived at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on January 24, 2007

When is a job not a job? When it is a JOY! Come to the Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum JOB FAIR on Friday, January 26. We have dozens of full-time and part-time openings for Christians who desire to share the joy of the Lord.

This week started off with seeing a beautiful snowfall covering the grounds here at the Creation Museum. We have enjoyed looking out across the lake to the waterfalls and the snowfall on the boulders. Amazing view!

Inside, artists and volunteers have been seeing green as they have painted thousands of leaves and assorted them in preparations for being placed on the Tree of Life. Other trees, which have been built off-site, have been placed throughout the Creation Walk as well – it is really starting to look like we have gone back outside. Rocks are still being formed along the Creation Walk too, and hopefully by the end of next week all of the rockwork will be completed.

In the Portico, a larger ticketing office has been built to ensure we can handle everyone who comes through the doors to purchase tickets for the museum. Downstairs in the Palm Plaza the coffee shop is just about complete – it is looking like a small city down there – it is really cool.

Things are certainly beginning to change quickly around here as the construction ramps up even more as we prepare for the Grand Opening on May 28th.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.