Programs & Special Events

by Creation Museum on January 17, 2007

When is a job not a job? When it is a JOY!Come to the Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum JOB FAIR on Friday, January 26. We have dozens of full-time and part-time openings for Christians who desire to share the joy of the Lord.

The Museum Programs & Special Events team has been hard at work preparing for the Grand Opening of the Creation Museum.

There is a lot of preparation work that must go on prior to opening in order to be ready – including things like coming up with contracts, policies, and possible room setups. The details and logistics of how we’re going to pull everything off can be overwhelming!

In addition to the detail work of getting ready, we are also working on several events. In the upcoming months we have a Job Fair and several training sessions scheduled for hiring and training all of the “front line” guest services people that we will need when we open the museum.

One of the main events we’ve been working on is the Ribbon Cutting ceremony and the Grand Opening festivities! We have a lot of exciting events planned for May 28th and beyond, and we look forward to sharing more details with you as they become nailed down.

In addition to the Grand Opening events, we have also been working on programming ideas to implement, so that every time you visit the museum you can take part in new and exciting activities! We are excited about the programs we are going to have available for our guests, and we hope that everyone will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.