VP End of Year Report

by Creation Museum on December 31, 2006

What an awesome God we serve! It may be a familiar phrase these days but it certainly fits this past year at the Creation Museum. Amazing, incredible, mind-blowing, and jaw-dropping are some of the words we’ve all been using around here as we continue to see how God is leading and providing our needs. We experience His loving care on a daily basis as we near the "end of the beginning" of the life of this project. We have a lot left to do in the coming months, but what we’ve been able to accomplish this year has been staggering. And because God has provided Answers in Genesis with so many talented people who also have a passion for the authority of the Bible, we’ve been able to do so much more than anyone expected. We’ve done most of the creative work, construction, and detail work right here in the shop with our own teams. We’ve been blessed with staff that have God-given talents, and God-given experience in so many specific areas, and who can literally be pointed in the right direction, receive some general guidance and the big picture overview, and then can be turned loose to accomplish their tasks with only a little art/construction direction needed. It has enabled us to do so much more with the funding that we have, and it has allowed us to think much bigger than our funds would have allowed on their own.

We have new waterfalls, bridges, nature trails, gardens, bogs, marshes, board walks, pergolas, picnic pavilions, and parking areas---and that’s just this year’s outside activities!

Inside we’re well on our way to completing our glass-enclosed portico, our Dragon Hall Bookstore, our Noah’s Café extension, an intriguing Creation Walk, Noah’s Ark, a Babylonian area, a Jerusalem scene, an Egyptian plaza---and those are just the scenic environments that have been created.

We have a detailed set of teaching points and displays in development for each of those areas as well as many others. We’re nearing the completion of 55 videos that are as well-produced as any science video you’ll see on TV, and they all honor our Creator and His scientific laws. We’ve begun the exciting process of creating a Guest Services Team and program that enhances the experiences of each of our guests, to provide an overall atmosphere that will reflect the love of our Creator and His great Gospel message. None of these things could be accomplished without God’s truly amazing provision and His blessing. He has opened doors throughout this long museum process, and has closed a number of doors as well---all to our benefit and all in His perfect timing. We are a richly blessed staff. And we are a very excited staff as well, as we all see the Grand Opening in sight. We are also a very busy staff as you can imagine, and we’re getting even busier! But we serve an incredible, amazing, and awesome Creator and look forward to all that He has in store for us in this very special new year. 2007---what a year this is going to be!!!!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.