Encouraging Feedback

by Creation Museum on December 6, 2006

Earlier this week we received the following feedback from Greenville, WI in relation to the Landscaping Update about Beautiful Fall Days. We just wanted to share these encouraging words:

I enjoy reading about your gardens as well as the creation museum.

I am confident that your beautiful gardens will become as important an attraction as the museum itself.

Many people spend their vacations taking bus tours of famous gardens. Your gardens have the potential to be among the most famous and well-beloved in the whole country.

Some people who visit only because they are part of a garden tour may become interested in learning more about creation science after seeing the bog garden, humming bird and other gardens presented in light of God's Word. And the museum which can answer their questions is only a few feet away!

The dinosaur topiaries will inspire children as well as adults and instill in them a life-long appreciation for gardening and for studying God's beautiful creation.

May God continue to bless your efforts both indoors and outdoors!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.