Seeing growth!

by Creation Museum on October 6, 2006

Wow!! I can’t believe it is October already! The Grounds crew has been extremely busy thru the summer months installing new gardens and maintaining the rest of the property. Their hard work and dedication to this ministry is evident as soon as you pull onto our property.

I thought I would show you some updated pictures of the Carnivorous Bog Garden. I am absolutely amazed at the rate of growth we are getting on these plants. If you are seeing this garden for the first time you might think that it is at least two or three years old, when in reality it is only four months old, and the largest plant was just eight to ten inches tall at planting time.

We have also been working on the Rainforest Garden. This garden is full of rare and unusual plants that one does not normally find in this region. Banana trees, Elephant ears, Bamboo, canna, ferns, and even some palms fill this space. The plants should fill in to create a jungle effect fairly rapidly. The tropical type plants used in this garden will also survive winter over here, with some protection. This garden is still being planted and is just a month old, but we are already seeing some amazing growth on some of these plants. You can literally watch the bamboo and banana trees grow! Our friend Sheila was back in town to help plant this area and measured four inches of growth in one day! The dinosaur topiary forms for this garden are due to be shipped in two weeks and we are anxious to see them placed in their proper spots.

The truss bridge waterfall continues to be worked on. We are just doing the final detail work on each section of the falls. This waterfall is also very long and has water coming into it from four different locations, each with a different volume. It looks and sounds great and is almost completed!

We will continue to plant very late into the season with trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs to prepare for our opening next year.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.