The Wonders Room

by Creation Museum on October 2, 2006

Upon exiting the 6-Day Theater, guests will enter the Wonders Room.

The Wonders Room will feature 27 exhibits and 18 videos, depicting the wonders of God’s creation. The room is organized into four sections: The Central Hub, The Physical World, The Living World, and The Human World.

In the center of room (Central Hub), there will be three feature videos: The Creator Clearly Seen, Mystery of Life, and What Is a Day?

The Physical World starts with the Natural Laws that God established and which all matter and energy must follow, and then the Building Blocks that God created (atoms and molecules) from which he built everything else. It then moves to our Habitable Planet which was created perfectly for life. Then on to the Sun which was designed just right for life on Earth, the Solar System which also makes life on earth possible, and then to the Stars, of which God named every one.

The Living World talks about our Common Designer who clearly designed the complexity of living organisms. Bacteria, often presented by the secular world as the simplest of life, are actually more diverse than any other form of life. The Language of DNA demonstrates the necessity of a supreme intelligence that created the complex language of living cells. The Cell is the basic building block of all living organisms. The Eyes help you see some of the marvelous design of our Creator. Some animals are especially Designed for the Deep, and living in the darkness of the oceans depths. A variety of different animals have been created with the wonderful ability of Flight. Other animals have their own unique features demonstrating that they were Designed for Land. Genesis talks about animals and how they reproduce after their Kinds. Life was not created to just live in isolation, but in Communities and to interact with each other.

The Human World focuses on man and his relationship with God. Man as Contemplator was given the ability to think, reason and learn about the world around him. Man was made in the Image of God, separating us from the rest of his Creation. The Creation of Adam was a special event and the culmination of God’s creative acts. After Eve was made from Adam’s side, God established the hierarchy of the family, with Man as Ruler. Then God gave man the Dominion over all of creation, making man responsible for studying and learning about his world and managing and governing it in a godly manner.

The Wonders Room ends with a special Scroll before you start your walk down the Creation Walk and the real history of the world.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.