Fabrication update

by Creation Museum on September 29, 2006

Oh my, where does one begin to describe the changes occurring these days? The steel in the portico is all in place for the glazers to install the glass. This room will be used as a large gathering area where groups can meet up with each other, purchase tickets and get information about the museum and AiG. The additional HVAC for this area will also be installed soon, once we finish designing and evaluating options for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

An area we have almost completed is the Wonders of Creation room; the sails have been hung to create the false ceiling, the stylish light box display panels have been installed as well as several other scenic elements. This room will surely (as the name implies) show the wonders of God’s creation. Once the final touches are completed, the installation of the floor—a wonderful mosaic of gold and silver tiles—will begin.

The Valley of Corruption is getting its rock and stone treatments; this area seems to have dramatic changes on an almost daily basis.

The design on the Noah’s Ark History/Diorama room is in the final stages of design and some materials have already been ordered. As installers become available this room will quickly start to come to life.

The Babylon/Confusion exhibit is having the detail scrollwork and accents produced on the CNC router and installed almost as quickly as it is produced. This room will tell the biblical truths of nations and different people groups.

The Palm Plaza will be a great place for groups to meet back together after touring the museum. They can sit back and have a coffee or a smoothie in this stone courtyard at dusk. Bricks are being installed and the scenic artists are doing a fantastic job of turning pieces of plywood into heavy looking stone blocks.

The nature trails outside are also abuzz with activity as our crews try to get as much done as possible before the cold winter weather sets in. The asphalt trails will be paved in the first week of October (please pray for good weather). A volunteer group is scheduled to come next week and help build/complete bridges as well as other projects.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.