Amazing changes!

by Creation Museum on September 20, 2006

Over the last several weeks there has been much activity at the museum. In the office, many of us do not get the opportunity to see all that is taking place throughout the museum—we just know that there is construction going on outside of the office walls. So, I decided the other day to take a walk through the museum construction, and boy was I blown away by the progress that has been made in just a couple of weeks!

Last week there were two contracted companies here installing several different exhibits. One company installed the large animatronic sauropod over the entrance of the Special Effects Theater. It is amazing to know that Buddy Davis sculpted this dinosaur and then the mold was made for this guy to be animatronic. He is awfully big, but he really is cute (if I may say that). He almost smiles at you when you walk into the lobby. Pretty amazing!

Then there was another company here and they are installing the Wonders Room exhibit. This room is going to be impressive because it will have 18 videos showing different wonders of creation. Additionally, the design of the room is just unbelievable as you can see the beginning of it with the sails hanging from the ceiling and the columns that have been put into place. Over the next couple of weeks you will see this room transform into something spectacular.

When I walked onto the creation walk, I first saw Jesse sculpting another dinosaur. As you can see in the picture he is working diligently on sculpting the face of the dinosaur and it almost looks like the dinosaur is waiting patiently for him to be finished.

Then I came upon the animatronic Utahraptor and the scene behind him just about took my breath away. The work Mark is doing is breathtaking and I stand amazed at the talent God has given him. The scene is not completely finished, but it is going to be beautiful.

Down in the Plaza area, the painters have been working hard on texturing and painting several hundred panels that are going to go up on the walls. They added several layers of texture to the panels and added the final coats of paint. There are several pallets of panels ready for the fabricators to install over the coming weeks.

The talent that has come together to build this museum is just remarkable and each and every day we get to marvel at what God has brought together. Soon, in the spring of 2007, you will be able to see the finished product. Please continue praying for us as we work to complete the museum.