Dinosaur Dig Site

by Creation Museum on September 4, 2006

After you leave the museum lobby and wind your way through the Canyons exhibit, you will find yourself in the Dinosaur Dig Site.

In the middle of the room is a re-creation of a dinosaur fossil dig site. The fossil being excavated is a Utahraptor.

Working on the fossil excavation are two paleontologists. One paleontologist believes in evolution and the other in the biblical account of creation.

Above the dig site will be a feature video where the paleontologists explain that they both have the same evidence (the fossil they are both working on). They use the same science to learn about the fossil and its surroundings. However, because they have different starting points (one the Bible, the other evolution) they come to completely different conclusions about the fossil, such as how old it is and how it died.

The Dinosaur Dig Site will also have a replica of what a dig site tent would look like and some of the materials used to excavate, preserve and transport the fossils. There will be several real fossils on display, including this dinosaur leg bone, and some dinosaur eggs.

Along the wall will be a series of small exhibits including a gem-quality sapphire that was grown in a lab, a real meteorite, trilobite tracks, petrified wood, and castings of Archaeopteryx and the supposed human ancestor, Lucy.

The emphasis of this exhibit is to teach that we all have the same science and same facts, but our starting assumptions, (Genesis v. Darwin) will determine how we interpret those facts and look at the world around us.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.