Update on current projects

by Creation Museum on August 30, 2006

The Fabrication, Facilities and New Construction teams have been busy at work over the last several months on various projects throughout the museum. Below is an update on some of their current projects:

The Wonders Room (the room right before you enter the Creation Walk) is being prepared for the sets to arrive from the contracted studio where they are currently being built. Prior to the contracted studio arriving next week, the teams are preparing to pour concrete to level the floor. The electrical, sprinkler system, HVAC and audio/video data lines are being installed as well.

The Café extension is moving right along, and the glass has been moved from the old exterior to the new exterior. With the glass now in, the remaining interior of the new extension can be finished. The HVAC has been installed and the floor has a coat of finish on it with the same “walking in the woods look” as the existing Café with plants and animal tracks imbedded into the concrete.

Outside, work on the suspension bridge has begun and the remaining materials have been ordered. The cable pillars have been installed, along with the tie-off anchors.

Electrical lines for the waterfalls and the electrical grid to serve the electrical needs on the south side of the lake are being installed. The wiring is being pulled through the pipes that have been laid, and the transformer pad has been poured.

Over the weekend the Myers family, from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, volunteered by helping with these electrical needs. Dave and his son, Jonathan (he has been here before to help), are both master electricians. They worked with our master electrician, Mark, and our staff engineer, Denver. The rest of the family (eight in all) helped out with putting mulch down in the new “rain forest” area. The Myers family really helped us accomplish a lot over the weekend and we are grateful for the time they volunteered.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.