More Behind the Scenes details

by Creation Museum on August 28, 2006

With over 2,600 people visiting the museum and 120 AiG employees and volunteers working for the July 28th Behind the Scenes open house, it was an exciting and busy day. The day started out with AiG staff and volunteers arriving at Bullittsburg Baptist Church for a shuttle ride to the Museum at 5:40 a.m. That is an early start for many and the dedication of the staff and volunteers was shown by everyone being on time. The Museum doors opened at 7:15 a.m., and we already had a crowd of people excited to see how the Lord is working through their support and prayers.

Throughout the day, we planned presentations and tours to show people special features of the museum and give them more information about what is to come. The day’s activities included a special presentation with Ken Ham, office tours, artists’ presentations and a Noah’s Ark presentation. To accommodate up to 3,000 guests, we scheduled seven special presentations with Ken Ham in three different locations. In these presentations, Ken shared the vision and purpose of Answers in Genesis and updated everyone with the newest AiG products. Rod, Director of Internet Outreach, showed the Answers magazine website and talked about the popular Answers in Genesis website. Joel, a Web Designer, demonstrated a 3-D walk-thru of the museum and the incredible features that this program has.

This was the first Behind the Scenes in which guests were allowed on the Creation Walk due to previous construction. Many guests were amazed at the work the sculptors and painters have already started and expressed their excitement for coming back when the museum is completed. Two other highlights for guests were the Stargazer’s Room planetarium and the Dragon Hall bookstore. Guests viewed a three-minute preview of the planetarium show created by Dr. Jason Lisle and enjoyed all the new AiG books and DVDs in the bookstore.

Other than a slight torrential downpour, the day ran smoothly, and we praise the Lord that so many people were able to come and see the museum. We cannot help but be encouraged by the excitement that our supporters bring to the museum. We are now in the process of planning future education programs, day camps, and other museum events for when we open. As we look back on this event and look forward to future events, we give God the praise and glory for the work that He has done and what He continues to do at the Creation Museum.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.