Volunteers at work

by Creation Museum on August 14, 2006

During July, approximately 100 volunteers traveled from distant locations to “roll up their sleeves” and work here at Answers in Genesis. They came from at least eight states (Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and Wisconsin), and served in many different capacities. Many of our northern friends willingly braved heat advisories to work outdoors, with the temperature in the nineties—and humidity to match!

Outside or inside, a lot of work was accomplished by these fellow-laborers, who served the Lord so selflessly.

As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” and our final charter member Behind the Scenes open house on July 28th made the point. 2,700 of our Creation Museum charter members and their guests marveled at the beauty of the AiG campus, and at how much transforming work had taken place in the Creation Museum. Of course, volunteers were on hand before, during and after the big day, helping ensure that everything would run smoothly—and we praise God for a great success!

A recent incident illustrates the spirit of our volunteers. Following lunch, three young men (teens) were to meet their supervisor near a warehouse doorway. When he was detained, the three waited several minutes. They soon decided that this time should not be wasted, and sought out a supervisor in the warehouse. Soon they were busy at work.

When their intended supervisor arrived, he did not find the three waiting. Nor did he expect that they might be working so soon at a new task. As the Volunteer Coordinator, it became my job to find out what had happened to the trio. It didn’t take long. What a blessing to quickly find all three cheerfully working, while awaiting their supervisor’s return. They had not seen him in the vicinity of the doorway—they were too busy!

It is amazing how much work the volunteers help us complete throughout the entire ministry. We appreciate their dedication, commitment and, most of all, their willingness to work wherever they are needed.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.