Summer has arrived and the heat is on!

by Creation Museum on August 11, 2006

The last couple of weeks have been tough, but the grounds crew and volunteers have been working hard. We have completed two of the four waterfalls, including the pump installation. It was an exciting day as we waited to see 1,100 gallons of water a minute rush down the structures we have been working on for so long. The sight and sound is fantastic! Choosing the correct pump for a project this size is no easy task, so I enlisted an expert in the field of water hydraulics, my dad (Roger), and we couldn’t be happier with the final results. We are now in the process of laying the pipe and preparing for the pump installation of our third water feature.

The aquatic plants that were installed in the lake are doing very well and continue to grow at a quick rate. The colors around the edges of the lake really are something to see. We have been enjoying the water lilies, pickerelweed and our first lotus blossom. Outstanding!

The Carnivorous Bog Garden was a big hit during our last Charter Member Behind the Scenes open house. Over 2,100 people ventured across the lake to enjoy the gardens, waterfalls, bridges and lake. The plants in the bog have really grown during this heat wave and the bog has taken on a whole new look with the fog system that we just installed.

Our next garden that we are starting on is the “Rainforest Garden.” This is also going to be a fun garden, complete with water misters, a bubbling marsh pit, 15’ topiary T-Rex, stone structures and many exotic and rare plants and trees. This garden is a challenge because we will be using plants that are hardy to our climate, but have that tropical look with unusual leaf shapes and extreme colors.

Our very dear friend Sheila (supporter, volunteer and avid gardener) enjoyed a morning shopping trip for plants for the Rainforest. We came back with some great choices and one very unusual Monloo Yew, which Sheila picked out and purchased. We decided on its placement and she has given it the name of Noah. We will continue to work on this garden for the next couple of months and keep you posted on the progress.

Volunteers have been working hard on projects such as irrigation, fencerow cleanup, weed eating, planting, waterfall work and general maintenance. God has blessed us with great people with serving hearts and we are so very appreciative of them.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.