Final Charter Member BTS

by Creation Museum on August 4, 2006

As you may have read on Ken’s recent blog, the Lord blessed us with a great day last Friday (our final Charter Member Behind the Scenes Open House). It was thrilling to watch 2700 people enjoying the building and the nature trails (at the same time!).

We have been preparing for this final BTS for over a month. Inside, last minute projects were being completed to make certain those finishing touches were applied so that those visiting would be able to see the exhibit spaces coming to life. Outside the same things were being done. Watch our blog for the Operations Team report about this big event, and how it was organized and executed.

When the rains came, or should I say downpours (it rained all morning), we first thought, “Oh no, what will we do with everyone”, but looking back on it we see that is was a blessing. If we had not had those downpours we would have wondered if we could have pulled off the same event if the weather had been bad. It was great to see that we can have so many people in the building and still have everything move smoothly.

We are thankful for the opportunity we had to host so many people – it really is preparing us for the Spring of 2007! Now we just have to keep working hard to ensure everything is ready for you to come and see the inspiring message of the Creation Museum!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.