Work continues

by Creation Museum on July 25, 2006

Work continues at the Creation Museum, as we prepare for the opening in spring 2007. Outside, the landscaping team has been working hard on the waterfalls. They have been digging, placing boulders in just the right spots, and now are beginning the process of having electric lines installed to enable us to pump water to the falls most of the day.

In the café area, things are really beginning to come together. The mural is finished and the scenic design team is starting to place the vines throughout the place. Right outside the café, on the porch, work is continuing to enclose this area to provide even more indoor seating.

The bookstore is complete and it looks amazing. We are excited to be able to see how the Lord has blessed us with such a beautiful place to work and have people come from all over the world to enjoy.

This week we are preparing for around 3,000 charter members to be with us on Friday for our last charter member Behind the Scenes open house. The response to this final open house has been amazing! Spring of '07 is just around the corner!

Continue to check on the progress of the museum and all that is being done. Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.