Sculpting Update by Carolyn

by Creation Museum on July 10, 2006

I am currently working with the other sculptors on designing and creating the "Adam Naming the Animals" scene.

As part of our process we have been meeting with a team of scientists to get the correct look of the animals and settings for the scene. We have had to research the best way to represent the first pair of each animal kind we are including in the scene. This has not been an easy task and we have had to change and rethink many things along the way. This is all a part of the creative process, however, that will help this scene to come alive. As we try to represent each parent animal with as much scientific accuracy as possible, according to the knowledge we have so far, we are also trying to make them beautiful and unique, so that people may not immediately recognize them as an animal they see today. With nearly 30 mammals, several birds, and lush foliage and scenery, this will be an exciting experience on the creation walk tour.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.