VP Update---Mike Zovath

by Creation Museum on July 1, 2006

The longest year of my life, the shortest year of my life.

These are the daily thoughts that go through the minds of many of the Museum Team members as we move toward completion of this amazing place.

It seems to be moving at the speed of a glacier for weeks and weeks and then all of a sudden it’s punctuated equilibrium. Exhibits evolve almost overnight! But in reality, there are hundreds of tasks being worked on and completed on a daily basis by dozens of dedicated designers, writers, fabricators and planners. It’s the small behind-the-scenes things that take so much time and our team is focused on each little detail.

The research, discussions and decision processes that go into each exhibit piece would astound you. The team doesn’t like to leave anything to chance or artistic interpretation. We want to have every aspect of every exhibit solidly grounded in good science and good theology.

We’ve come a long way with God’s amazing grace and provision. The talent that He continues to send our way has made the challenges seem relatively routine. In a briefing to our board last week I was privileged to report that we are well on our way to completion of a number of exhibit areas. For starters:

* The lobby is at 90%

* The planetarium is at 95%

* The bookstore is at 90%

* The café is at 80%

* The nature trail is at 85%

* A number of exhibit rooms are at 80%

Things are moving along quite rapidly. We have only two more events on site this summer until we close the doors and focus on getting everything ready for our much-anticipated Grand Opening ceremonies!

Although it’s only early July, here on the Museum Team, spring of 2007 is right around the corner.

Please keep the team in your prayers and stay current on the museum’s progress through our blog reports as well as Ken’s daily blog.

Thanks for stopping by!