Shouts of joy!

by Creation Museum on June 16, 2006

There were shouts of joy all around the museum yesterday because the one-of-a-kind carpet for the planetarium arrived from Europe! The staff has anxiously been waiting for this day ever since we received the word that the carpet had been shipped, over two weeks ago. This week many calls have been made to U.S. customs and the trucking company to ensure everything was moving along smoothly and that we would receive the carpet safe and sound.

Next week the carpet will be installed along with the planetarium chairs. The excitement is almost becoming more than many of us can bear because we can’t wait to get in this finished room to see shows that tell more about the stars, planets, galaxies and how God is in control of it all. We also can’t wait until the day we get to share this special room with all of you as you come through the Creation Museum.

Thanks for all of your prayers as we have been anticipating this day and we continue to value each prayer and your encouragement and support during this building project.