More progress at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on June 15, 2006

You may have noticed that over the last couple of days the Museum Blog has not been available. As with the building of the Creation Museum, the blog needed some maintenance updates and as you can see, the layout of the blog has changed some. We hope this new layout will allow you to move through the blog more easily.

These last several weeks there has been a lot of work being done throughout the museum. In the bookstore the fabrication team has been finalizing the bookshelves and cabinets and they are getting ready to sand and stain the floors to give them that "high fit and finish" look. Outside the bookstore, in the lobby, the artists have mounted the pterodactyl and the scenic painters have been adding the final touches around the opening.

In the planetarium, the fabrication team has been working hard to get the floor ready for the customized carpet that is coming this week and will be installed next week. This carpet is one-of-a-kind that a supporter from Northern Ireland made specifically for the Creation Museum; you will have to visit the Creation Museum to see this unique carpet.

In the cafe, the mural has gone up and does it ever bring color and life to this space. The scenic painters have also been adding texture to the walls. The cafe is really coming together---not only will there be great food, but there will be great things to see while you are in the cafe.

Work has continued in the dig site area and even more will be done over the next two weeks. One of the coolest things that have been added to the dig site are the paleontologists. They look so real and it is amazing to see how God has provided the right people at the right time to help us complete this unbelievable project.

Outside there is just about as much work going on and maybe even more! The landscaping team has done an outstanding job with the grounds. The fall pansies were pulled up last week and the new summer annuals were planted---they really bring beautiful color to the flowerbeds. Then the team, along with several groups of volunteers, has been working hard on the bog and it should be completed this week---it looks absolutely amazing! Then we also had a couple of groups come in to help transplant cattails from the upper pond to the main lake. It was a wet and dirty task, but the kids did a great job.

On the outside of the building there are even more changes. The front portico is getting a different look. We learned through our Charter Member Behind the Scenes open houses that we are definitely going to need more lobby space, so the portico is going to be enclosed in glass. Many of the pavers have been taken up and workers have begun placing footers to get prepared for the steel beams that must go in to support the glass. Additionally, much of the soffit has been taken down to ensure the HVAC will work properly. The front is going to look great once this is done.

Right outside the cafe, the porch is being changed into any extended indoor area to add even more seating, which is also needed. After the indoor area has been finished, a two-tiered deck will be built off of that area. It is going to be a beautiful place to come and grab a bite to eat.

Over the next two weeks we have a volunteer group here from South Carolina that is building three bridges over the lake and waterfalls. It has been fun watching them come together and begin building these bridges. As they continue to work, we will share more photos of their progress. It is so great how God provides for us each and every day. We are grateful for all of the volunteers who are so willing to sacrifice their time to come and help us with this project.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.