Volunteering at AiG

by Creation Museum on June 5, 2006

Today, Julie shares with us how she came to volunteer at AiG:

When my husband was hired on at Answers in Genesis in late September 2005, I was already four months pregnant and not planning on getting a new job only to quit when the baby was born.

Not knowing anyone in Cincinnati but two men that my husband worked with and their families, volunteering at AiG a couple days a week was a perfect way to keep busy, meet new friends, and see my husband throughout the day. They had me doing all sorts of things, from printing off appeal letters to packing Answers Academy DVDs to filing customer service receipts, among other things. The further along I got in the pregnancy, though, I was rarely allowed to work in the warehouse or print shop since I couldn't lift heavy objects. Often I was told to put something down, take a break, sit down, etc. We were even assured, nearing the baby's due date, that security was prepared to deliver our baby if need be. Although I did in fact volunteer the same day we went in to the hospital to have the baby, Ephraim was not born at Answers in Genesis (that would have been exciting!).

Although God has given me a new ministry to take care of our little boy here at home while my husband works to support us, I will always look back with fondness when I volunteered at Answers in Genesis.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.