Life of a VTG---Alan

by Creation Museum on May 29, 2006

Today, Alan, one of our Volunteer Tour Guides (VTG), shares how he came to learn about the ministry and began volunteering.

Hello everybody, my name is Alan and I'm a volunteer at Answers in Genesis. My story starts like so many others, indoctrinated at a young age into a way of thinking; my family's religion seemed unrealistic and from this worldview it was easy to start thinking of alternatives to the Christian faith. My alternative was to look to the stars and to say that we on this planet had been seeded to evolve from some other form of life from some other part of the universe. This was not an in-depth plotted-out script that I propagated to others, just an excuse to live life as the king of my time, my destiny, enjoying my rules.

God came into my heart when I was twenty-nine and changed my worldview. For several years I floundered while I tried to put together my evolutionized scholastic teachings and the words of the Bible. The foundation that I was erecting on which to build my new life on was a blend of old-earth theories and miracles of Jesus, but this foundation was tainted and didn't take much stress before it cracked and gave way. In reality I was looking at man to show me my heavenly Father instead of relying on God's words to show me my heavenly Father. In a slump I heard a radio interview with Ken Ham; it was the first time that I can ever recall someone actually substantiating the words of the Bible. From that radio spot on, the way that I read the Bible and the way I look at this world have all changed.

Last summer (2005) I visited the museum to take a tour of the building project. I at once asked if there were any opportunities to volunteer my services at the museum and was given the opportunity to direct tours through the facility. Directing groups through the museum allowed me the opportunity to express my feeling for this ministry while I explained the vision of Ken Ham and the museum designers. Due to the construction at the museum, the tours were discontinued, which eliminated the need of the tour guides. I now volunteer my time utilizing my years of experience with manufacturing processes and HVAC equipment to help the staff maintain this state-of-the art facility that God has given us all to use.

I thank AiG and the wonderful staff for allowing me to partner with them in this ministry and hope to be a part of the ever-needful equipping of the body of Christ in whatever way I can for years to come.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.