The museum is buzzing with activity

by Creation Museum on May 24, 2006

Last week, the museum was buzzing with activity as we prepared for the next-to-last charter member Behind the Scenes open house before the grand opening. The fabricators were working overtime to get the bookstore as presentable as possible so that everyone could see the almost-finished product. It was exciting to see the dragons raised onto the credenzas and see all of the books and DVDs going onto the shelves. The bookstore just looks awesome and it’s not even finished yet! The fabricators and artists have outdone themselves on this one! The bookstore has its own place in the museum with its own story to tell. It is definitely a place you will want to visit when you come to the Creation Museum.

Work also continues in the café as the scenic painters have been preparing the walls with different textures before painting. Additionally, several of the maintenance teams have been working on the outside porch, preparing it to be converted for additional inside seating. They have been adding plumbing lines and gravel as they prepare to pour concrete this week.

On the Creation Walk, work continued on Adam’s house and also drywall was added all the way from the bottom to the top of the walk. The drywall guys have really been going to town getting these walls up—one day there were just steel structures and the next day there were complete walls! It is amazing to see the spaces change overnight.

Outside, the landscaping crew has been working hard to get more trees planted, keep the grass mowed and get all of the carnivorous plants into the bog. It has been a struggle some days trying to get everything finished before the rain hits, but they have been doing a great job!

As you read on Monday and in Ken’s blog, we had a wonderful Behind the Scenes last Friday and folks left with great memories and great anticipation for the museum opening next spring. We have 295 days to get everything completed, so keep us in your prayers and thanks for all of the support you have been giving us!