Salvation on the job

by Creation Museum on May 24, 2006

Today Nathan, fabrication supervisor, has some exciting news to share:

Usually the Fabrication Update only has news of progress on the construction of the museum exhibits. But today, there is even greater news to share!

Due to the continuing importance of completing different projects around the museum---for example the bookstore---we found it necessary to hire some temporary labor from a local temp agency. As they have been working with us on the museum project, they have been exposed to a completely different environment then what they were used to working in. For example, we pray before starting work, we talk openly about our relationship with Christ and encourage each other in the Lord throughout the day. Due to this unique environment, several of the laborers have expressed interest and asked questions about the ministry, the museum, our purpose and our mission. Well you just can't keep the good news of God's greatness to yourself when you work here and people are asking questions.

One temporary laborer has been asking questions continuously throughout the past weeks and today God used his curiosity to bring him into the family of Christ!

Nothing is more rewarding than going to work, working on a project you believe in with all your heart, and on top of that seeing someone brought to Christ on that job! Please pray for us as we continue to be a witness not only to the world but also to those who we are in contact with on a daily basis.

Praise the Lord for His mercies that are new every morning!