Changing spaces

by Creation Museum on May 4, 2006

As Ken has been mentioning on his blog, the bookstore construction is going well and soon the books will be placed on the shelves. It is hard to believe that just four months ago this room was empty, with no color on the walls and a concrete floor. The fabricators and painters have been doing an outstanding job making this room come to life.

Last week a company came in and assembled three of the exhibit rooms that they constructed offsite: Graffiti Alley, Culture in Crisis and the Time Tunnel. It is so neat to see the finalized product---just think, for the last several years these rooms have just been on paper!

In the Creation Walk area the artists have been working on Adam’s house. They started out with plywood and drywall and then made the bricks out of styrofoam. Now the Creation Walk is going from an empty space to one of color and excitement.

In preparation for the exhibit spaces and all that needs to go in them, the content team has been working hard to ensure the videos throughout the museum are finished and completed correctly. Earlier this week the film crew taped Dr. Kurt Wise, one of the many consultants working with the content team. These videos will be a great addition to the walk-thru experience.

The Lord has truly blessed the museum team with many talented individuals. The team has really come together to ensure the museum is done by next spring.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.