Life of a VTG---Brooke

by Creation Museum on April 24, 2006

Today, Brooke, one of our Volunteer Tour Guides (VTG), shares how she came to learn about the ministry and began volunteering.

I have been familiar with Answers in Genesis for as long as I can remember. I have attended Ken Ham’s seminars, watched several videos, and read D is for Dinosaur countless times.

About a year ago I received a postcard asking for Volunteer Tour Guides (VTG). That sounded like something I could do so I called to get more information. Other things came up and volunteering got put on the back burner. You know how papers pile up around the house … for some reason this one never got thrown away and when I rediscovered it I called AiG. It wasn’t too long before Ted had me signed up as a VTG.


I am the newest VTG and thoroughly enjoy volunteering at AiG. I began working with John. He was basically my trainer and has taught me everything I know, at least regarding the Creation Museum. I have been privileged to meet and work with so many other volunteers and staff. I have helped with not only tours but also Pastors' Luncheons, Behind the Scenes tours (a sneak peek for the Charter Members), and other special events.

I enjoy meeting the visitors that have come to the Creation Museum and have had the opportunity to take people on the "construction tour" of the Creation Museum. It is always a blessing to see the faces of our guests light up as they see what is going on here.

Because the construction on the museum has really stepped up we have canceled tours. However, I still come and help in the offices. There is always something that needs done such as mailings, phone calls or filing. The staff is fabulous to work with and I have gotten to know many wonderful people.

I have been volunteering at the museum for just a few months and what an amazing experience it has been for me! When we have guests it is my responsibility to share with them the love of Christ. Yes, I can lead them through the museum and explain what exhibits will be in each area. I try to get them to imagine the finished project and the impact that it will have on the community and the world. I know that it is fun to walk through the museum and look at the dinosaurs that are scattered about, but there is more to it than dinosaurs. The gospel message is the basis or foundation of this project and that’s the reason this museum is being built.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.