Museum Update

by Creation Museum on April 6, 2006

Over the last several weeks so much has changed in some of the spaces here at the museum. The lobby floor was finished last week and it really gives a totally different feel to that area. The space looks so much bigger with the tiles in place. The fabricators set the windows in place for the live exhibit areas outside of the Special Effects Theater and the preparations are being made to fill these spaces over the next several months.

In the bookstore the scenic painters continue to paint the walls---the look of the room changes each day. The floor is almost finished---they just have to put another coat of stain on it in the next couple of weeks. The fabricators have been working hard down in the shop adding the finishing coats to the bookshelves and in the next week or so those will be added into the bookstore as well. It is exciting to see this room coming together.

The fabricators continue to work on the inside of the café, and outside of the café even more work is being completed. The brick patio is being remodeled and will be enclosed to add even more indoor seating. Then two decks will be constructed outside of the café to offer outdoor seating overlooking the lake and waterfalls---it is going to be such a relaxing place to eat lunch!

On the Creation Walk, Mark continued painting the large mural and the drywall contractors have been preparing the space for the exhibits to start being installed. Additionally, the Utah Raptor (one of our animatronic dinosaurs) was moved to the Creation Walk to have some repairs done. It was neat to see how they put the dinosaur into position to be able to start the repairs.

The rain has been falling, so the landscaping work has been done around the different showers that have been popping up. The flowers that were planted last spring have been coming up and it is has been wonderful to see everything coming back to life with such brilliant colors. God’s creation is so amazing.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.