Noah's Ark

by Creation Museum on March 21, 2006

The artists have been working hard down in the art studio. Today they are sharing with us one of the projects they are currently working on.

We are currently designing and constructing dioramas that will comprise the Noah's Ark exhibit. There will be ten cases depicting the story of the Flood on a small scale that will give visitors an idea of how life might have been on the ark. We will show details of how the ark was constructed, what the family living quarters may have looked like, and how the animals were cared for. Hours of research and conversations with specialists have given us a sense of how to portray every detail of each scene with as much historic accuracy as possible. At present, we are sculpting the characters of Noah's family in poses that will dramatically tell the story of what happened at the time of the Flood.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.