Winter Landscaping

by Creation Museum on March 3, 2006

Tim, Facility Landscape Manager, has provided today's update on things taking place on the grounds.

Well, it is the first of March and I am wondering where the winter months went. You may think the winter months are downtime for those of us in this line of work, but in fact, it is an extremely busy time. All of the planning, designing, locating and ordering of materials for the gardens is done at this time.

Once spring is here, the pace is intense but the success of the entire year's plantings is dependent on a productive winter. All of this planning runs contrary to my desire to be out in the field. I can feel it in my bones that it's time to start digging!

In January, I was able to return to Mexico for my second mission trip and resume construction on a new church. The majority of my time was spent digging in some of the hardest ground I have ever encountered. It was great to reunite with the original group from northern Ohio that I first met last year. What free time I had was spent playing with the children that only spoke Spanish, but fortunately candy is a universal language. I would encourage all to step out of their comfort zone and get involved with a mission trip. The blessings and satisfaction that you will receive by being used by God to serve others is unlike anything you will ever experience.

After returning from my trip, it was time to get on the road again and hit all of the horticulture trade shows in the area. I traveled to Columbus, Louisville, Indianapolis and Tucson to visit vendors, see new plant introductions, current pricing and availability and to see the newest equipment models. Just going to the shows was another opportunity to share the mission of the Creation Museum and its progress to former colleagues and complete strangers. Just wearing the Creation Museum logo on my shirt was a great conversation starter.

With all of my travels behind me, it was time to come home and prepare to put the new plans into action. With a few warmer days, we were able to get a jump on the planting season and install trees around the front entrance of the museum. These trees will serve as a wall to screen the bog from the main entrance.

We also finalized the excavation around the bog to blend it into the surrounding landscape. One of the first plants to be installed around the bog was a Contorted Filbert.

More plants will be arriving next week for placement in and around the bog garden. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, the bog will start to take shape in the coming weeks.

March and April bring many volunteers to us and we will be able to accomplish much of the planting with their help. The grounds crew and the fabrication team benefit from hardworking volunteers year-round, and we have had many groups already sign up for this year. If you or your group would be interested in helping out, please contact Mary, our volunteer coordinator, at 800-350-3232.

It is our goal to create spectacular gardens here at the Creation Museum for all to enjoy and showcase just some of God's plant creations with incredible colors, bold textures, fragrant flowers, and unusual foliage.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.