Facilities Update---Various projects taking place

by Creation Museum on February 17, 2006

We have had a lot going on here lately. More and more projects are getting started and, at the same time, more crews are being put in place to keep working towards our goal of opening in 2007. The fabricators are about to finish their work in the bookstore. They have been working on the upper part of the walls which are 10’ and up. They will start painting and texturing the wall material in preparation for the floor being installed at the end of February.

The arched wall in the children’s area is almost complete and this wall has many intricate designs. It was a busy week for the CNC overhead router in the shop. It produced many of the pieces for the children’s wall as well as the stone and molding parts that we needed.

The main lobby has had molding and pillar caps installed as well.

Sprinkler systems and HVAC adjustments have been made to the planetarium. We were able to finalize these since a walkway and ladder above the dome were completed last week. We are preparing to install the dropped ceiling, lighting and sound system as the next step in the planetarium.

In the lower theater the studded walls are being placed followed by the Sheetrock. These will be followed by the sprinkler and HVAC modifications needed for this room.

The fossil room is getting a dropped ceiling and shelving will be installed as well as work beginning to start on the Creation Walk in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.