Changes are happening

by Creation Museum on February 16, 2006

Over the last two weeks there have been so many changes taking place at the museum and it is exciting to see! The fabricators have been working hard in the bookstore and it is looking great. The talent these guys have is so amazing. On Friday, there will be an update on other projects the fabricators are working on, so stay tuned.

Gary and James have been placing decals on several of the ministry vehicles. They have done an outstanding job and the vehicles look like they are brand new!

The artists are still at it---Jessie and Travis have moved from the ostrich kind to a giraffe kind. These guys are having a lot of fun working together and they are talented beyond their years.

As Ken Ham mentioned last week, Doug and Kathy were back painting more dinosaurs. They are really making the dinosaurs come to life with all of the different paints they are using.

Coni and Amanda have been painting and painting. They have been faux painting in the café, lobby and outside the special effects theater. Pretty soon they will be heading into the bookstore to paint before the flooring goes down at the end of the month.

The drywallers are continuing to work throughout the Creation Walk and Plaza areas. They are also installing the rubber soundproofing materials outside of the special effects theater along with hanging drywall over that material.

We also had a fundraising banquet in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 4th. On Monday, Beth will be sharing some of the things that took place while we were out there.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.