Bring on the rain---Noah's Ark expert is here!

by Creation Museum on February 3, 2006

Well, it finally happened. The big move for our family from Sydney, Australia, to Northern Kentucky was only two weeks ago, but it seems like months. My name is Tim, and my focus is Noah’s Ark, especially the design side of it, and for the last few years I’ve been posting info on my website. After visiting the museum during the last two summers, it is great to see the development. Now it is even better to be part of the action.

During my last visit in July, we came up with a greatly expanded exhibit design for Noah’s Ark, so I’m itching to start detailing this out for the design and fabrication teams. But before I can play, I have to do my chores---setting up the new CNC router to cut sculptures at full scale. The first job was some fancy woodwork for the bookstore, just a warm-up really.

I have to say the setup of our rented house was a great surprise---we were discovering goodies in cupboards for days. Thank you AiG staff! It snowed the first night and the children had never seen snow, so they we were throwing snowballs at each other at 2 am. Our home schooled children now have pet snakes---with my wife’s permission. She won’t touch them yet. I wonder if Mrs Noah hated snakes … .

It is so good to be able to ‘run’ with the resources and people at the museum. It’s like living in a dream---except that it feels kinda normal after all. And I can’t wait to be a fly on the wall the day this museum opens. Well, better get back to work, I mean play, I mean working play … God is so good! Thank you.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.