Museum Update---New looks

by Creation Museum on February 1, 2006

Over the last two weeks work has continued in the bookstore and café. The fabricators have been working hard to change the look of each of the rooms. It is amazing to watch how each area changes overnight.

Doug and Kathy have been painting dinosaurs. They have been brushing on new colors onto some of the older dinosaurs or they are adding new color to new dinosaurs. They are extremely talented and we enjoy watching them work when they are here on site.

Scene painters have been putting fresh coats of stain onto the newly designed exhibit bays in front of the Special Effects Theater. These coats are really changing the look of the front of the theater and it looks great.

The drywallers are continuing to add drywall to the Creation Walk area and also the newly designed Consummation Theater area.

The artists are still working on animal kinds down in the art studio. Jessie and Travis have been working on an ostrich kind for the last several weeks and it is really beginning to come together.

Outside, the waterfalls have been running periodically and it has been beautiful to see how these have come together these last several months. We are really going to enjoy these waterfalls this summer.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.