Weekly Update---Progress is underway

by Creation Museum on January 18, 2006

Last week there was so much activity at the museum. Work started back up in the café as the fabricators got prepared to make the final touches on the booths and they began painting the “mud” walls around the booths as well. In the bookstore the fabricators continued to cut and hang foam throughout the space. The look of the space changes a little each day. Outside the Special Effects Theater the fabricators finalized areas of the display cases and got prepared for the glass to be installed.

Mark, muralist, finished the first phase of the painting in the Creation Walk area, and even though it is not finished, it looks great. Drywallers also started extending the wall in the Creation Walk area to close off parts of the open areas of the museum. Ryan and his team arrived on Friday and started work on the Grand Canyon area. They worked over the weekend and the space where there once was an opening to the Dig Site exhibit is now closed with the Grand Canyon wall---it is amazing to see the change.

We also prepared for the arrival of Tim and his family from Australia. The ministry found a house for them to rent and then the entire staff pitched in by donating household items for them to utilize while they are here for approximately 18 months. Tim is the leading expert on the biblical Noah’s Ark and he is going to be a great addition to the Museum Team.

Exhibit areas are really starting to change every day, so keep checking in to see the progress!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.