Membership Update

by Creation Museum on January 13, 2006

We want to praise the Lord for His many blessings. On Wednesday we reached a milestone---$20 million in funds have been raised for the museum. We are now less than $5 million away from having the museum fully funded. Praise the Lord!

As we look forward to the exciting changes in store for the museum in 2006, I would like to thank our members for a great 2005! This year we introduced the Lifetime Family Membership and membership upgrade opportunities and have had tremendous responses to both. As of the end of December 2005, we have 5,612 total members, including 513 Lifetime Family Members. The membership drive continues to be a great source of support for the construction of the Creation Museum. Please feel free to call me at 1-800-350-3232 ext. 430 if you have any questions regarding memberships or upgrading.

We also have three open house opportunities for members coming up in 2006. The dates are April 7, May 19 and July 28. If you’re a member and can make one of those dates, we’d love to have you come and look around. Just call to register or to get more information.

We are encouraged as people continue to show their support for the Creation Museum in so many ways, becoming members or giving gifts of membership to others, volunteering their time, giving monetary donations, and praying for us daily. We feel so fortunate for the opportunity to participate in all the work the Lord is already doing through the Creation Museum. Again, thanks to our members and our Father for a great 2005.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.