Weekly Update---Work begins again

by Creation Museum on January 11, 2006

The first week of January was pretty busy around the museum as everyone was getting back to the daily routine. The artists have been working hard on sculpting more animal kinds and do they ever look real!

The fabricators have been working hard in the bookstore and it is really beginning to take on a new look. They are using foam to make the defining changes on the walls. They are also continuing to work on the theater displays to get them ready for the glass to come in---things look great.

It is hard to believe the Creation Walk area was pretty plain just a couple of weeks ago. Mark has been doing amazing things with the scenery and the area is really coming to life with color.

We know you are as eager as we are to see it all finished. Keep checking back to see all that will happen throughout 2006!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.