Flying Dinosaurs

by Creation Museum on December 21, 2005

Work continued last week in the bookstore and in the fabrication shop. The fabricators are building many bookshelves for the bookstore and they are coming along nicely. The drywall contractors have been putting up drywall and framing throughout the museum space.

The fabricators took a break from the shop and lifted two large dinosaurs over the lobby doors. It was really neat to watch them strap the dinosaurs onto the lift and slowly raise them to the top of the doors---I have to admit, it was also a little scary.

The artists have been busy down in the studio sculpting animal kinds and creating sketches for many of the exhibits. It is amazing to watch them sculpt, paint and create so many amazing designs---God has really blessed us with talented people.

Outside, Tim, Josh and several volunteers planted over 4,500 bulbs throughout the property! They have approximately 4,500 more bulbs to plant this week. Next week Tim is going to share more about the planting of the bulbs---I know you will enjoy it!

We are all looking forward to Christmas and time with our families. We hope that you have a blessed Christmas as well. May the time you spend with your families be filled with joy and treasured memories to look back upon in years to come. But most of all, let us remember the reason for Christmas and share the story of our Lord with everyone we meet.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.