Weekly Update---Winter has arrived!

by Creation Museum on November 30, 2005

Even though last week was a short week, many things were still accomplished here at the museum. Outside, the irrigation system “winterizing” was completed and work continued on the third waterfall near the bridge. We also had our first snowfall of the season on Wednesday and it was extremely beautiful, for those of us who like the cold weather.

Inside, the artists were sculpting different animal kinds for the many exhibits throughout the museum. It is an amazing process and the animals look very real.

Jesse is creating an animatronic pterodactyl to go over the entrance of the Dragon Hall Bookstore.

Drywall was installed in the bookstore to create arches above the windows that look out to the entrance of the museum.

Speaking of books, Ken signed books for over an hour on Wednesday. These autographed books are sent to Charter Members as part of their membership.

The fabrication team continued their work down in the shop. They are now building the bookcases that will go in the bookstore. It is fun to watch them build all the different items in the shop through the windows in the Dig Site exhibit. The guys are so talented and they are all very skilled. It is amazing how God has provided these individuals!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.