Little things to be thankful for

by Creation Museum on November 23, 2005

Every day there are so many things we each must be thankful for: our health, home, freedom, etc. Throughout the museum there are little things that we see and are thankful that God created them for us to enjoy. One day this summer we saw a blue heron fly over the lake and perch on the boardwalk.

Then as we walked along the nature trail by the lake we saw a small bullfrog basking in the sun.

Later there was a butterfly in the grass and hornets stripping bark off of a tree.

We also saw beautiful wildflowers and bushes full of color.

Most of all we see an amazing building that so many supporters have helped to build with their sacrificial giving and time.

Last week a mother brought her three young children to the museum. On her way here, she told her kids that they were coming to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. Her young daughter, about six or seven years old, said, “You mean to that place where they tell the truth?” How thankful we are that God has provided this land so that we can have a place where the truth of the authority of the Bible is being upheld and told. We look forward to when the Museum will be open---lives will be changed and hearts stirred by what is being proclaimed.

Our hearts are full of thanksgiving during this time. We are grateful for all that has been provided, but most of all are thankful that God gave us His Son to die upon a cross so that we may be saved.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.