Weekly Update

by Creation Museum on November 22, 2005

Last week the Dragon Hall Bookstore was busy with the fabrication team finishing the soundproof walls for the Planetarium and drywall contractors hanging drywall over the rubber membrane. The drywall contractors were also hanging additional sheet rock in the bookstore to prepare for the final touches that will be made over the next couple of months. An electrical contractor came during the week as well to move some of the fire strobes and sprinkler heads so more fabrication work could be completed in various areas. Work also continued on the front of the Special Effects Theater.

Outside, work continued on the waterfalls and the front landscape along with mulch being placed in the bog. The irrigation system will be flushed out this week to prepare for the cold winter months ahead.

Over the weekend the muralist was back painting more scenes throughout the museum. Most of the Design Team was in Atlanta for a conference to meet with different vendors who could be beneficial to the museum. The art studio was pretty quiet without most of the Design Team, but work continued on sculpting more animal kinds.

The entire Museum Team is thankful for all of your prayers and support for the museum. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!