Weekly Update---Fabrication work

by Creation Museum on November 9, 2005

Last week was another exciting week here at the museum. It started off with new scenery above the lobby entry doors. A muralist painted the sky above the rocks that are located on the landing above the doors and he will be coming back to paint more scenes on this space in the coming weeks.

Ethan, a member of the fabrication team, continued to work on the table pedestals for the Café. He has been adding eucalyptus to the frame of the table legs to continue the theme throughout the entire Café.

Nathan and Mark, both members of the fabrication team, have been cutting the Jerusalem tiles to fit in the smaller spaces under the overhang of the Special Effects Theater. Steve and Ethan started customizing the doors to the Special Effects Theater and have added even more of an old world feeling to the theater entrance.

Mark and Chuck continued working in the future Bookstore to soundproof the shared Planetarium walls. Below you can see how they lift the rubber membrane up to the top of the scaffolding and see the view they have from the very top of the Bookstore.

On Friday, Scott, who is experienced in rappelling, rappelled over the Planetarium dome to install several cables which will enable the fabricators to build a catwalk over the dome. This will enable the fabrication team to complete work over the dome. It was really neat to watch him repel over the dome and install these cables – what an experience to be a part of.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.