Weekly Update---Fall is here

by Creation Museum on November 2, 2005

Fall finally arrived here last week (seems almost like it was overnight) and the trees around the lake at the museum are so colorful.

Inside the museum the Fabrication Team began soundproofing the exterior walls of the Planetarium to keep Planetarium sounds inside. The first of three steps to soundproof the Planetarium is to install large sections of rubber membrane to the existing wall. The second step will be to put brackets on the rubber membrane and the third step will be to place drywall over the brackets. All of these steps are done on the Bookstore walls that connect to the Planetarium. The soundproofing wall installation will continue for the next few weeks. 

Work continues in the queuing area of the Theater as we add the Jerusalem brick around the pillars and cut pieces to fit the remaining areas that have to be covered. Steve continues to work on the hickory tabletops for the Café and Ethan is cutting eucalyptus pieces to cover the legs of the table legs.

Joe, one of only a handful of creationist paleontologists, was here from Texas to work with content developers and also helped to identify fossils that have been donated to the museum. Joe has worked with the Museum Team for several years and is going to be coming back early next year to help identify more fossils. We are grateful for the time he has given to the ministry.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.