Behind the Scenes Open House Overview

by Creation Museum on October 31, 2005

Debbie, Museum Membership Assistant, has provided an overview of the October Behind the Scenes Open House for Charter Members:

In February we hosted the first of six Behind the Scenes Open Houses (BTS) for Charter Members and their guests. The BTS enables members and their guests to see the progress of the museum, participate in different programs throughout the day and have an opportunity to meet Ken Ham and have their picture taken with him. On Friday, October 21, we held the last BTS for 2005 and it was our largest event of the year with 734 guests.

Kathryn Bale, a Charter Member since January 2005, attended all six of the BTS—and brought a total of 68 guests with her. During the morning session Mike Zovath, Vice President of the Museum, made Kathryn an honorary Volunteer Tour Guide (VTG) by presenting her with an orange Creation Museum polo shirt (all VTGs wear an orange polo so that they can easily be identified at events). In a little over one year, we have over 5,000 charter members because of the support members like Kathryn provide.

Buddy Davis made a surprise visit to this BTS and all the kids (and some of their parents) flocked to him for his picture and autograph. He stopped by to see the new animatronic Raptor as well as the most recent updates to the museum.

Ken W., a Museum Operations team member, climbed up the wall over the lobby entrance to video a portion of the BTS events. Come back Friday to check out the BTS video Ken is producing.

We are excited about what God is continuing to do. We currently have three BTS Open Houses planned for 2006 (April 7, May 19, and one in July—TBD).

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.