Life of a VTG—Mary Jo

by Creation Museum on October 28, 2005

Mary Jo, one of our Volunteer Tour Guides (VTGs), shares how she is involved at the Creation Museum.

When Ken Ham spoke at our church several years ago, he sparked a desire for my husband and I to somehow be involved in the future Creation Museum.

We started praying that God would show us where we could best serve Him. When we received a post card in March 2005 asking for Volunteer Tour Guides, we felt our prayers being answered. I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know people. Being a former "greeter" at our church I felt like this was an area where God could use me.

It is such a blessing to watch the expressions on everyone's faces as we make our way through the Museum. Some visitors have been following the progress of the Museum but are taken aback when they actually walk through the doors the first time. We've even seen people moved to tears at what God is doing here.

Others were not aware of the Museum and had been invited by a friend or family member. They too are amazed that such a facility is being built. The comments we almost always hear are "We need to tell our church about the Museum” or "So and so needs to see this”. They always promise to return and bring someone with them, everyone is anxious for the Museum to be completed.

The children are especially fun to watch, their eyes grow wide when they see the dinosaurs and they really like the animatronic dinosaurs. Most children are fascinated by dinosaurs. We've had some question why they are together with humans, what a great way to reach them with the truth of the Bible! When they start talking to their friends about the dinosaurs, we'll see children begging their parents to take them to the Museum!

I thank God for allowing me to be a small part of this great ministry and look forward to having my husband join me hopefully in the near future as our "secular" work schedule permits. We look forward to meeting many new friends at the Museum.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.