Weekly Update

by Creation Museum on October 19, 2005

Last week was definitely busy here at the Creation Museum. The week started out with the USA and Australian Board meetings, then the main water line broke outside of the building and the offices were shut down for the afternoon while the pipe was repaired – no damage to the building! We ended the week with a warehouse sale on Saturday. In addition to all of these things happening throughout the week, there were a number of other projects being completed at the museum.

The final wiring and setting of sprinkler heads for the irrigation system along with the fall seeding was completed. The only thing that remains is the slit seeding in the main circle area. The property began to come to life with color as Tim, Lead Landscaper, Josh, and volunteers planted colorful fall flowers throughout the front of the property.

The fabricators began the task of relocating walls in the Consummation Theater/Chapel area to make more room there. More theme work began on the front of the Special Effects Theater to enhance the old world look and feel. Patrick, Design Director, tested a new paint on the Styrofoam walls in the Café to give it the look of dried mud, which adds even more realism to the Café.

This week we are preparing for another exciting week! We have a Pastor’s luncheon on Thursday, the last Behind-the-Scenes Open House for Charter Members of the year on Friday, and then a fundraising event Friday night and Saturday.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.