The Dinosaurs are at the Museum

by Creation Museum on October 12, 2005

During this past week work continued in the Special Effects Theater, Café, front gate and irrigation system. The rockwork and flooring were finished in the Dig Site area and it really looks like we are in the middle of a dig project.

On Saturday three animatronic dinosaurs were installed in the museum. Two small dinosaurs were installed in the lobby next to the little girl on the waterfall and the third dinosaur, a raptor, was positioned in the Two Worldviews Room. It is so exciting to see these installed and the exhibits starting to come to life.

This past week 210 visitors toured the museum and below are some of their comments:

This was so wonderful. We are so excited about this and look forward to coming back to see it when it is all completed. Our God is honoring this and we are seeing it happen. Praise the Lord. Our tour was wonderful — thank you so much! -Colorado Springs, Colorado

What an exciting adventure. We pray God will be glorified and many will come to the truth and salvation. It is great to see all the work that is going on before completion. Just like us! We are always under God's construction. Thank you for this opportunity! -Whiting, Maine

Terrific tour! It was wonderful to get a sneak preview! I subscribe to the TJ and have read much of your literature. This museum brings it to life. I will be continuing my prayer and financial support of AiG and the Creation Museum. Keep up the good and important work that you do! -Grove City, Ohio

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.