Dig Site Construction and More

by Creation Museum on October 5, 2005

During the week of September 26 work began on the Dig Site exhibit and the entire space came alive. The contracting group had been here several months prior and began the groundwork needed for the exhibit. As they entered the museum on Monday they were amazed to see the changes that had been made in the Lobby and Café. Once they were finished with the Dig Site this week we were amazed at the change they had made in this exhibit area.

Finishing touches were made to the Theater sound system and lighting along with final preparations to finish the drywall and paint for the sound booth. The fabricators continued to work in the Café and they started placing the hickory backs on the booths. Painting continues on the cypress trees in the Lobby as well.

Outside, work on the waterfall was completed and we started to see water cascading down the fall—what an amazing site to see! Tim, Facility Landscape Manager, and his team have done an outstanding job on getting this outdoor exhibit completed. Several more waterfalls will be installed and we look forward to seeing those come together as smoothly as the main waterfall did. Nozzles were added to the irrigation system and this week all systems should be “go” throughout the property.

We said goodbye to some special volunteers/friends on Friday. Lou and Shirley came to the ministry to volunteer for a week and stayed for 4 months! Lou mowed the grass the entire summer, keeping the entire property looking great, and also brought out his paint brush a couple of days. Shirley assisted Joel in the print shop putting different materials together for the ministry. Lou and Shirley will be missed, but we hope to see them back at the ministry soon. Bob and Jan also left to go back to California for a couple of months, but they will be back next year. They have volunteered in many areas of the ministry over this last year, but lately have been helping in the Events Department and at seminars. Bob also helped with the irrigation system and in the fabrication shop. We appreciate all of our volunteers and their dedication to the ministry.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.