Behind the Scenes and Membership Things

by Creation Museum on August 26, 2005

Ok, so that title doesn’t quite rhyme…but it’s close! I’m Todd, Director of Sales for the Creation Museum. I hope you’re enjoying the Museum Blog so far. As part of the team that services our Charter Members, one of the things I (and the rest of the membership team) will do from time to time is give you the latest news on membership happenings.

As promised in earlier blog entries, here’s a “behind the scenes” look at our latest Behind the Scenes Open House (BTS is the shorthand term we use in-house). A BTS is an opportunity for our Charter Members to come visit the museum—with guests, if they wish—during a special all day program designed just for them. It is just one of the many benefits of joining the Creation Museum as a charter member.

For us to pull this off, the team is here and ready to go no later than 7:30 am after many hours of prep work the day before. After several of these, we’re getting more efficient, but it’s still a lot of work! Ted is the organizer for the BTS’, and he does a great job.

Guests begin by going to our registration area.

By the time the day ended on August 19 we had checked in over 400 people from 21 different states, as well as Canada! How awesome! From there, people can walk the main museum tour. We’ve still got a lot to do, but even now you can see what’s going to happen and get excited about it; plus, Buddy’s dinosaurs are everywhere, and the kids love that. Our guests have their photo taken with Ken Ham, get a personalized tour of our offices, and hear presentations by Ken, Patrick, and one of our touring speakers in our Special Effects Theater, among other things. When the weather cooperates, guests can also explore portions of our nature trail.

Several of our artists set up some of their latest works in the future Palm Plaza area and answered questions.

Sometimes our non-member guests get so excited about what they see they decide to become charter members on the spot. Our Membership Manager, Sam, helped some guests at our membership booth. Sam and I answered questions, fulfiledl membership rewards and helped out as much as possible.

Noah’s Café is always jumping on a BTS day, and this latest Open House is no exception. I think we’ll be glad we made so much room in there. Deb’s food is great, especially her wraps.

John, the Bookstore Manager, set up a resource center just for our BTS visitors, and it’s always well received. There’s always something that people want to learn more about, and we’re continuously developing new DVD’s, books, and other material. People are just so hungry for more knowledge with which to defend our faith. It’s very encouraging to see.

The best part for the staff on a BTS is seeing the enthusiasm and having conversations with those who have given of themselves to see the Creation Museum become a reality. I know I come away so refreshed and renewed from sharing the joy of what is being done with so many people. You can share with us what we get to hear during a typical BTS day by watching this video.

At this time, we have 4,430 Charter Members! Thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of God’s work here.

I’m happy to announce that we now have developed a Church Charter Membership program. If you think your church might be interested, feel free to contact customer service (800-778-3390) and they’ll put you through directly to me.

Thanks for checking in!