Work in Progress

by Creation Museum on August 24, 2005

Welcome again to the Museum blog! My name is Amy and I am the Operations Assistant for the Museum Team. Each week I will have the opportunity to update you on the progress that took place throughout the past week at the Museum. The following highlights took place the week of August 15:

Front Entrance

Two steel dinosaurs (one is pictured below) were installed on top of the front gates. Each dinosaur weights approximately 500 pounds and both were set by utilizing a forklift. They really bring the front entrance alive!

Holes were dug for the rod iron fence, which also went up last week. Attached are some photos of the work completed, we still have a long way to go, but it is all coming together. Our new entrance gates should be installed this week. Stonework continues all around the front entrance.


The guys in the fabrication shop were all tied up last week — they have been tying the eucalyptus wood together with over 6400 feet of string that is forming the ceiling in the café. With the mud floor and wood ceiling, it really feels like you are in a café Noah would have built. Take a look at all that has been accomplished not just this last week, but for the last several weeks.


A new irrigation system is being installed throughout the property and volunteers have been helping to dig the holes and place the pipe. Working through the hottest summer here in the past 12 years, Tim, our Grounds Manager, is confident that the system will be up and running within the next several weeks. He has installed over 2000 sprinkler heads so far!


The Museum Team prepared to host over 400 charter members, family and friends on Friday, August 19, during our Behind the Scenes Open House. It was a great success and this Friday, August 26, our membership team will provide a complete update on what took place throughout the day.

Throughout the week we had 8 volunteers who worked in the café, print room, photography and on the grounds. There were also 10 Volunteer Tour Guides who took 175 visitors through the museum, plus the 420 who were here for the Behind the Scenes Open House!

When visitors come through the building, they are given the opportunity to provide us with comments on the museum. I thought I might share with you a few that were written this past week:

"As a Christian school teacher, I even encounter parents who believe in evolution. The message isn't getting out there enough. I'm glad for this museum." -Elyria Ohio

"Phenomenal! We will be back to see the completion. What holy ground you walk on in honoring Jesus Christ with the truth of His word from Genesis on!" -Red Lion Pennsylvania

"How exciting to see what God is doing through you all! I can hardly wait to return in 2007! Visitors will truly be 'without excuse' once they've been here. Thank you!" -Winthrop Harbor Illinois

It is amazing what God is doing here at the Creation Museum. I hope you will stay tuned to see this project unfold over the next 18 months. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum. Thanks again for logging on!