Motorcycle Rally

by Creation Museum on August 22, 2005

Welcome to the Creation Museum blog! We hope you enjoy this journey and are as excited as we are to showcase the museum project. Mike Z., vice president of the Creation Museum, has attached a video to walk you through the progress that has been made so far this year.

Beth, a member of the Museum Operations Staff, has provided an update on a couple of museum events:

They picked me to do the first blog entry. I'm so excited because I've just held two major fundraising events for the museum. I've been working for Answers in Genesis for nearly a year now, and I'm happy to share "a day in the life" of a museum operations team member!

On Saturday, August 13, the Creation Museum held its 2nd Annual Motorcycle Rally. I had the privilege of helping to organize this year's rally along with supporters Pat McClanahan and Joe Rich. These two guys started the rally last year — they decided to use their motorcycles to help the ministry. Last year's rally was a huge success for the first year (30 motorcycles and over $3,000 raised), but this year's rally was even bigger and better with over 60 motorcycles and more than $6,500 raised! Joe's group (all the way from Georgia!) participated in several fundraising events and raised over $4,300 this year. I'm pumped for next year already!

I was able to be at registration on Saturday morning when the main group met to depart on their 2 ½ hour ride. The starting place (Lesko Park in Aurora, Indiana) is actually only about 20 minutes away from the museum, but they took the scenic route. I got there about ½ hour early, but I wasn't the first to arrive! Sonny & Fran Gobel, two supporters from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Clay Austin, a supporter from Pueblo, Colorado, both beat me there. Over the next 1 ½ hours we saw over 25 other bikes pull into the parking lot for the start of the ride. Excitement was in the air as more and more people pulled up. At 10:30, Pat McClanahan made an announcement about the details of the route and prayed. Then, all the riders turned on their bikes!!! The local Vietnam Veterans group stopped traffic as the motorcycles roared out of the parking lot. Talk about a lot of noise and energy! This was my first Motorcycle Rally ever, and it was awesome!

After all the bikes left, I packed everything up in my car and headed to the museum. Once I got there, I finalized the registration table (including the t-shirts — they're cool — take a look). Most motorcycles started showing up around noon — we had groups from Ohio, Illinois and several from Northern Kentucky. All in all, we had people from 10 different states (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania). At 2:30, Carl Kerby spoke to a group of about 150 people (mostly bikers, but some were families who stopped in for a tour) in the Special Effects Theater. Carl spoke about how our culture today is getting away from the relevance of scripture and the authority of God's word. Carl is such a dynamic speaker, and I really think he hit the spot with the message.

Most people headed out after Carl's talk — my day was only half over. The entire museum operations crew started rushing around to rearrange things for a banquet that evening. We had less than 1 hour to get ready for a reception and dinner in the museum. Well, we made it, and when the guests arrived for the presentation, none of them would have ever known that we had 150 guests in the building just a short while before. The evening began with tours of the museum, a meet-n-greet with Ken Ham and then went into our future bookstore for dinner and a presentation. Ken Ham was the keynote speaker, and spoke on how "We're Taking them Back!" The main idea behind the talk is that science has claimed evidence to support their views, but now it's our turn to take them back and claim them for Christ. Ken really has a way of speaking to motivate people!

As you can see, I had quite a full day but a very successful one as well. I love the fact that working here I'm able to have an impact on the Kingdom!

Beth has attached several pictures of the Motorcycle Rally — we hope you enjoy them! More updates are to come throughout the week. Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.