Reality Drama at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on September 15, 2004

We’re not talking about so-called “reality TV,” which places real people in unrealistic situations and throws in a bizarre twist at the end. At the Creation Museum special effects theater, you’ll see true stories from the Bible, not embellished with unrealistic subplots. And the unusual twist (compared to many other “biblically based” movies) is accuracy—both biblical and scientific!

What better source for action-packed, drama-filled movies than the Bible? If you’ve ever wondered how biblical events might appear on-screen in a high-quality, modern cinematic production, we invite you to experience the Creation Museum’s special effects theater when it opens!

The special effects theater will take you on a riveting journey back in time. The five screens will come alive with the convincing power of true stories such as Noah’s Ark and the Flood, the fate of the dinosaurs, the unfinished building of the Tower of Babel, and the death and resurrection of Christ.

The Bible portrays the entire range of human and divine emotion—envy, hatred, love, passion, fear, and wrath. War and peace, famine and prosperity, betrayal and loyalty, oppression and freedom—all are included in God’s record of human history, providing endless material for theatrical productions. There is no need for embellishment.

God has provided the material for scripts, and a theater to present them in. Right now it’s just an empty space, but in time it will be filled with 180 high-tech seats. What are “high-tech seats”? They are theater seats full of surprises. You may feel, not just hear, a rumble when a dinosaur walks by, or feel its warm, pungent breath on your neck.

You may also be blown away by the other special effects. Perhaps you’ll get a taste of the gale forces that parted the Red Sea. Or you may feel raindrops as the Flood begins. Whatever the story, you will be sure to experience it in a new way.

Keep checking our website for updates on the progress of the theater and other attractions to be featured at the future Creation Museum. Pray for creativity, funding, and the Lord’s direction as we strive to put together powerful presentations to help change hearts and minds for God’s glory.